Monday, June 30, 2014

Salam Ramadhan 2014 ♥

Assalamualaikum & hi everyone's :)

Miss me? wah mcm lah ada yg windu kat kita kan kan..... hahahaha....Lama sesgt dah tak update blog coz im superbuzy with my own works and my family mmg tak berkesempatan nk updatebuat masa skrg.... byk sgt story and pictures nak share but belum ada masa yg sesuai utk berblog lagi.... but I always on IG & FB hehehehe :)

Ok lah I nak wish uols semua.....

Salam Ramadhan & Selamat Berpuasa to all my family's and friends... Kami sekeluarga ingin Memohon Maaf terlebih dahulu sekiranya kami ada terlanjur kata, terkasar bahasa Dan terasa hati salah silap yg tidak disengaja mahupun yang disengajakan Dan juga halal kan makan and minum kami... Semoga kita mendapat menjalani ibadah puasa kali ini dengan penuh kesabaran, keberkatan & dirahmati oleh Allah S.W.T Insya Allah...

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Is Wedding Anniversary!!!

Today is our 8th wonderful years of wedding anniversary...
syukur Alhamdulillah.... we happy together, we share a lots of sweet & sour through out the years of marriage and we really had wonderful time together &  the kids too! 
Dear husband...thank you so much for your love, patience, time, trust and most important is your understanding for the wonderful years on me and for the 2 kids... I always looking forward for more and more wonderful years ahead & memories for us & the kids together  Insya Allah...
and on this special day I wish U....Happy Anniversary!
May Allah always bless our marriage & family together with lots of LOVE & Happiness forever till Jannah Amin...

Friday, November 8, 2013

Syafiq 1st Concert [Kinderland]

[throwbackpost] 21.9.2013
This year is syafiq 1st kindergarten concert! we all so excited sgt nak tgk syafiq perform maklum lah we all mmg tak sure tak yakin dgn dia and always think yang nnt syafiq sure nagis and sure akan berdiri je kat stage tak menari semua lahhhh kan.... but Alhamdulillah on the day of concert syafiq ok plus before that dia not well have high fever few days before concert pulak tuh may be letih sgt kot kan and tak cukup rest.... practice everyday kata kan..... so we did not put on high hope yang dia akan perform on concert day....
but  he surprise all of us ok!!! he dance on stage yeahhh.....sorry syafiq mummy & daddy at 1st think negative je... is your 1st time on stage you done a great job! we so proud of you dear muahhhhh....
the concert theme is retro! and he will be perform a dance with old song "let's twist again"  :)
my cheeky boy in cool outfit :)

 pagi2 dah berkumpul dekat school and tak sabar nak naik bus tuh.... happy ada kawan2
the anuual concert at summit auditorium

love the slide presentation

posing with teacher maya his class teacher ♥

some of the action! yeah he dance on stage!
once a again dear you done a great job!
 tqsm to the teachers yg bersusah payah teach the kids to dance & etc... 
everyone's done their part well.... is a great performance by everyone's that day!
Congratulations & Well done!!! (clap clap clappp....)

Friday, October 25, 2013

Disney Live! Mickey's Magic Show is AWESOME!

Last weekend we went to watched Disney Live! presents by Mickey's Magic Show! at Plenary Hall Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre and it was AWESOME!!! show with their host of Disney friends together with the world class magicians to perform the legendary Disney films live.
The show memang best lahhhh 5stars gitue! my kids love it so much maklumlahkan dpt tgk Mickey & friends live kan... jangan kata kids je my self & husband pon enjoy the show too! excited gaks mengalahkan kids hahahaha....
In this Magic show bukan ada Mickey and Minnie je... but ada jugak character Disney yg lain... they have Donald, Goofy, Alice & the Mad Hatter, Princess Belle, Aladdin's Princess Jasmine, Snow White & Cinderella with fairy god mother in the show....
 mmg best my sofia suka lah kan bila princess2 tuh semua kuar tersenyum2 tgk show feeling2 princess tuh hehehe... my syafiq this time mmg excited terlebih suka jumpa mickey  & friends too nak kata 1st time tgk mickey & friends nie tak jugak coz before this pon dah penah gi Disneyland and tgk Disney on-ice kan ermmmm may time tuh syafiq kecik lagi kan x phm sgt but now dia dah 3yrs old plus mmg phm sesgt lah kan kan.... kemain suka dia really enjoy the show sampai tergelak2 terpegun mcm2 lah aksi dia kan.... ok after this if ada rezeki boleh repeat gi Disneyland lagi nie confirm dia tak mau balik hahahaha.
ok lah lets check it out the photos & videos!
our tickets!
 and tqsm too my friend JUA belikan ticket and dpt good seats pulak tuh!
mmg sgt berbaloi!!!

we reach just on time x terlalu awal about 15 minutes before the show start phew!!!
coz hari tuh hujan and paham2 je lah kan parking kat klcc always full je kan....

yay! kita posing sakan dulu before the show start hahahaha....


the stage

us again!

daddy girl

the magicians

opening show!

Mickey & Minnie
the magic word for the show is Abracadabra!





Mickey & Friend's

Alice & the Mad Hatter show
the scary queen also on stage!

tadaaaaa Minnie received magic flower!!!

Princess Belle from beauty & the beast

Snow White


Princess Jasmine

end of the show
 Mickey & Friends till we meet again muahhhhhh.....
my love1
ini lah keje mummy yer asyik nak snap pictures je! ;p
last picture before we out from the the hall ;p  

exit2 je terus nampak all this cute stuff for sales mmg pitam ok! coz sofia & syafiq jadi tak tentu arah... nak ini nak itu ok! pengsan!!!
since all the Disney stuff is so expansive this time if di compare dgn masa tgk Disney on-ice dulu kat bukit jalil tuh the price range is reasonable lah jugaks kan...
so dengan itu makanyer kami hanya membeli the cups, minnie headband and mickey binoculars  saja! buat kenangan :)
 this boy so happy dpt binoculars
habis semua benda nak teropong siap ajak gi zoo lagi hahaha.... 
my cute Minnie ever!
and the videos to be share ops! most of the video is terbalik coz I record using my iphone and I x tahu nak edit pulak tuh kan so uols layan aje lah yer hahahaha....


video video


 Overall of the show is AWESOME, puas hati and berbaloi best sesangat WE LOVE IT! is different compare with the Disney On-Ice this is Magic show is more a one of kind of stage show we will never forget. (ala2 musical show gitue!)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Brand New Items Up for SALE!!!

Hi everyone's :)

Currently, I'm letting go some of my brand new wallet & handbag up for sale. My price I dah really mark down to the max yeah really reasonable and murah2 nie hihihihi....  do check it out below .. cepat2 pilih selagi ada hehehe....

Hurry up...  Done wait anymore do send me an email at Now!!!! :)

Item 1: New - Kate Spade Wallet

Item Descriptions:
Is Authentic from Kate Spade US
Is Brand New without Box
  • zip around continental wallet
  • 12 credit card slots, 3 billfolds, and zipper change pocket; exterior slide pocket
  • designed for kate spade new york outlet shops
  • imported
  • 3.9''h x 7.6''w
  • Colour : Black
    Price : RM 290.00
    Status: Available

    Item 2: New - Kate Spade Classic Spade Large Tate

    Item Description:
    Is Authentic from Kate Spade US
    Is Brand New without dustbag
    Style :WKRU1461
    Color : Black Cream
    -Measures : (L) 43cm x (H) 22.5cm x (W)18cm
    -Handle Drop:21cm
    -Zipper closure
    -Signature classic spade KS Noel Jacquard material
    -Black & White classic stripe on front
    -1 x Inner zipper pocket
    -2 x Inner side pockets
    Price: RM 550.00
    Status: Available

    Item 3: New - Coach Peyton Embossed Patent  Pocket Tote

    Item Description:
    Is Authentic from Coach US
    Is Brand New
    • Coach Peyton Embossed Patent Pocket Tote - Style F20028
    • Signature embossed leather with long strap for shoulder wear
    • Inside zip, Cell phone and multifunction pockets
    • Zip top closure, fabric lining
    • 12 1/2 " (L)x 11" (H) x 5" (W)
    • Handle with 8 1/4" drop
    • Price : RM 690.00
    • Status Available